Our philosophy

  • Education is preparation for a meaningful life lived for a purpose.
  • Every student has her/his own cultural experiences, skills, interests and potential which should be integral to the teaching and learning process.
  • Students learn best when the learning is based on life experiences and is delivered in a supportive and inspiring environment.
  • We cultivate international-mindedness among students and educators so that they see themselves connected to the global community and assume a sense of responsibility to its members.
  • ASI promotes awareness among students of the inter-relatedness of all nations & people and recognition of the complexity of these relationships.
  • The school community must embrace diversity and value the integrity of every individual.
  • The school's ethos must acknowledge and respect all differences of caste, creed and beliefs yet focus on the principle of unity in diversity.
  • We prepare students for challenges and opportunities presented by a highly connected, fast-paced and ever-changing world and equip them with the apt skills i.e. critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication & social skills, to be successful.
  • Our school fosters an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourages intellectual inquiry.
  • A thorough education engages all facets of human development and includes the cultivation of compassion, tolerance, respect for the peoples of all backgrounds for the peaceful resolution of all conflicts, and the development of environmental awareness.
  • Quality education must be focussed on holistic development and unlocking the potential of all students. It should develop students’ moral and ethical compass through a critical examination of beliefs & value systems to make them balanced and principled learners.
  • The educational approach should be broad, challenging, engaging and experiential, requiring the learner to take initiative, make decisions and be accountable for the results, through investigation, experimentation, exploration and curiosity.
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