We understand that ensuring children's commute to and from school safely and comfortably, is of prime importance for any parent. It can be a daunting task, given the realities of our modern day lifestyles. To help parents deal with this challenge, the school offers a safe and secure bus service.

Safety Standards

  • Fleet of school buses is equipped with CCTVs, GPS and scanners.
  • Progress of buses can be tracked through an app while in transit.
  • All bus drivers are well-trained and competent.
  • Every student who avails the transport facility is issued an RFID card which is scanned for entry and exit details.
  • Parents get Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) message (SMS) on the mobile number provided for communication.
  • Daily school trips (to and fro) can be followed on Whatsapp’s live location.
  • All buses have a female attendant to assist the students.
  • Only authorised persons mentioned on the ID cards are allowed to pick the students from school or bus stop.
  • All buses are regularly inspected for cleanliness and general maintenance.
  • The ‘Pick-Up and Drop-Off’ zone is usually on the street outside or a specific point near the student’s residence for pick up & drop.

Once you have submitted a Transport Request Form detailing your requirements and preferred route, the Transport Manager will then review the best route for your child and contact you with the relevant timetable and the driver’s details.

The details of the bus routes are available at the school office.

Don’t worry if you live outside of the standard pick-up and drop-off zone. We would be happy to offer you personalised travel arrangements.

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