Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP)

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Literary and Drama Activities :
These activities are designed to enhance literary skills like speaking, reading, writing, theatre, etc. The focus is on enhancing self-awareness, social-awareness, self-esteem through activities, debates, elocution, MUN, student-led conferences, and TED Ed Clubs, etc.

Sports and Games :
Physical Education curriculum at the School provides a programme of instruction for the development of the whole individual through physical activities. This is done by emphasizing the relationship between the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of the students. By engaging in sports, students learn leadership, self-management, integrity, responsibility, collaboration and communication skills.

Environment and Outdoor Education :
Outdoor education (OE) is the use of outdoor journeys for life-long play, enjoyment, adventure, health & well-being, fitness and socialization. Outdoor education skills are a tool to facilitate exploration of natural environments. From exploratory walks in the early years to the investigation of the environment in which a journey is conducted from a scientific, indigenous, sociological, cultural, economic and personal perspective for senior years, OE aims to develop decision making, relationship building, grit, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Technology Education :
In today’s technology driven world, Information Technology is all pervasive. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things are redefining and re-inventing all spheres of human endeavour. It is critical that our students are adept at all forms of technology-enabled platforms. This includes STEAM Lab activities, Coding, Design Thinking, etc. to enhance creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and innovation skills.