Parent Testimonials

Amina Mobashir, Mother of Sanaya Ali PYP 1

My daughter turned 3 in 2020 with the onset of the worst pandemic that the world had ever seen, and so, socialisation became an alien concept for her. Being a respiratory physician, those were the busiest days of my life too. These last 2 years resulted in creation of a shell around her, that was difficult to break. At Apeejay, right from day 1 she felt the warmth and the motivation from everyone around her. Now, it almost seems that she goes to school, has an excellent time and comes back a little more learned and a little wiser everyday.

Kudos to the teachers and admin, for such a great job, totally at par with the international standards. I am really not worried about her education anymore.

Shivani Panjabi, Mother of Viraj Panjabi PYP 3

Our son was in a traditional CBSE school for the first 4-5 years of his schooling life. Coming from a CBSE education myself, I thought we were giving the best to our child. All we saw, was a child unhappy with the way he was being taught, lost and in-a-shell in a 40 kids classroom. This prompted us to think deeply about what type of an education, experience and environment we want to give our child and discovered that IB-board has much deeper levers in making learning a wholesome experience. We came across Apeejay IB and after visiting the campus and meeting the teaching and administrative staff, we decided to give this a shot. I have to say, the experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. Viraj has blossomed into a happy child, his learning has been on a much more wider spectrum than what CBSE was teaching. From 1 period a week for sports to 5 days of sports and clubs, hands-on activities during teaching and a 15-20 kids classroom – we are sure we have now given him THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT to foster his learning.

Just as all parents, we want our child to grow with values of humility, compassion and honesty and feel lucky to have found just THE PLACE. Apeejay has invested in a state-of-the-art infrastructure, but most importantly they are really invested in their teaching and non-teaching staff. The energy is palpable and so is the warmth. Needless to say, I am a big advocate of the school and IB Board. We can’t wait for our little one to join his older brother in the school next year.

Menoka Roy, Mother of Aryan Roy DP1

Hi, I am Menoka Roy, parent of Aryan Roy Pal DP 1. With lots of hopes and doubts I got Aryan’s admission to ASI. I must admit that I am completely satisfied with the outcome so far as I wanted my child to be in a stress free atmosphere and in an institution which gives him scope to think out of the box. I am happy to see that in this institution students are freed from the book centered education and are given a broader avenue for learning. I can see him happy and eager to reach his school and so comfortable with his teachers. I am truly thankful to the Principal, staff and the teachers for creating such a wonderful platform where children look forward to perform their best.

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