Amina Mobashir, Mother of Sanaya Ali PYP1

Shivani Panjabi, Mother of Viraj Panjabi PYP 3

My daughter turned 3 in 2020 with the onset of the worst pandemic that the world had ever seen, and so, socialization became an alien concept for her. Being a respiratory physician, those were the busiest days of my life too. These last 2 years resulted in creation of a shell around her, that was difficult to break. At Apeejay, right from day 1 she felt the warmth and the motivation from everyone around her. Now, it almost seems that she goes to school, has an excellent time and comes back a little more learned and a little wiser everyday.

Kudos to the teachers and admin, for such a great job, totally at par with the international standards. I am really not worried about her education anymore.

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